THE SAWTOOTH SCHOOL offers students of all ages and levels of experience a solid foundation in the Fine Arts from which to build an enduring art practice. Classes and private instruction introduce and expand on fundamental artistic principles and elements of visual art. Structured lessons increase perceptual skills and technique. Examples from art history, and an introduction to the vocabulary of art, expand students’ understanding and appreciation of representational and abstract art.

On-going instruction in drawing, painting and printmaking offer beginning students an introduction to concepts, materials and techniques. Classes for intermediate and advanced students increase proficiency and the pursuit of personal expression. Age appropriate classes for young people draw inspiration from many cultures and periods, and encourage exploration in a range of materials and techniques. Portfolio preparation, tutoring, and apprenticeships are available to high-school students.

At THE SAWTOOTH SCHOOL, all students will garner valuable skills, new techniques and approaches, and a deeper appreciation of visual art. In addition, students have the opportunity for a personal experience of the creative process, and an authentic learning experience in a vibrant, working art studio.

THE SAWTOOTH SCHOOL is a brightly lit studio located in the Kawneer Building (aka The Sawtooth Building), a City Landmark, which provides workspace for artists and artisans in West Berkeley.

DEBORAH HARRIS is an exhibiting artist, with over 30 years experience teaching art to adults and young people. In addition to her classes at Sawtooth, she teaches at Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville.

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