As a means of mastering the art of drawing from observation, this class concentrates on the structure, movement and expressive qualities of the figure. For artists working in any medium, Life Drawing is an ideal vehicle for exploring universal values of space, composition, design and the expressive potential of line and form. Structured exercises simplify and demystify the process of drawing the human form. All participants will come away with new approaches, skills and confidence.


This class provides a thorough foundation for beginning students, and a fresh approach for those with previous experience. Essential elements of line, form, value, composition and color, and the interrelationship of drawing and painting are investigated through progressive guided exercises. Many examples from artists through the ages illuminate and illustrate specific aspects of painting, as well as broaden our understanding, appreciation and vocabulary of visual art. Students will emerge from this class with a solid framework and a sound approach for a fulfilling on-going practice.
Students may work with acrylic or oil paint.


This class builds upon basics covered in the previous classes and prepares students for a fulfilling on-going practice. Focus is on the development of space, depth, light, and form through composition and color. Students will learn traditional approaches, materials, and techniques of painting from direct observation using oil or acrylic paints.


Relief Printing, the oldest form of printmaking, is a highly versatile medium, yielding vibrant and powerfully graphic results. In this class we will look at many examples of relief prints, including Japanese Ukiyo-e, German Expressionism, Jose Posado, Picasso, political graphics, and graphic novels to explore various aspects of design, composition and technique. Using Japanese tools, we will carve linoleum and print on an etching press.No previous experience is required.


Offered to selected students by arrangement.
Internships, portfolio consultation, and apprenticeships are also available.
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